UTD and Coding Rooms discussion
Sasha Varlamov, Founder & CEO of Coding Rooms, took part in the University of Texas at Dallas panel discussion which was arranged by Dr. Jeyakesava Veerasamy on February 18th, 2022 for sophomore computer science students. The panel was centered around Entrepreneurship, where 6 entrepreneurs shared their experience in founding a startup, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame the difficulties that arose from this journey.

300+ students assisted in the webinar and many interesting questions were addressed by panelists giving students a better understanding of the startup ecosystem. A range of topics was covered such as; funding a startup, when to decide it is time to introduce a new product into the market that serves a purpose, hiring challenges, the difference between working with an established organization versus working at a startup, how startups involve taking risks and learning from potential users and much more.

Lastly, all entrepreneurs encouraged students to take the chance and explore their potential at a younger age, to take the path they believe is best for them without being influenced by their peers.